Message from Dean, KUSMS

Message from Dean, Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences



In its journey of nearly two decades, Dhulikhel Hospital (DH) has always stood firm on its central mission of providing quality health care services, mainly to the rural and disadvantaged people, with utmost professionalism. Its core values embraced the principles of social equity, excellence in service and collaboration with the government and other stakeholders. Despite all the challenges, DH became one of the fastest growing health service provider in the country and also managed to expand its services to incorporate community development, academic excellence, research advancement and international collaborations.

The hospital has become a model of sustainable quality health care in the country. We are proud to say that with a nominal fee of NRs 40 (USD 40 cents) a person gets access to specialized health consultations. The most advanced and complicated surgery costs about NRs 29,000 (USD 290). The health care cost of our hospital per visit is less than the average health expenditure of Nepal - NRs 5900 (USD 59). In addition, patients who are not able to pay even these nominal fees are never denied treatment. Thus DH along with its seventeen rural outreach health centers stand now as the beacon of hope for those in seek of health services for almost about 2.5 million catchment population.

Besides health services, in collaboration with Kathmandu University we are also running a range of world-class academic programs in medical, dental, nursing, physiotherapy and human biology programs. Through these programs, we ensure that we produce competent, skillful, compassionate and socially responsible graduates who later on continue to lead in their respective disciplines.
Our institution proudly maintains its running costs through its own revenues but still depends on external well-wishers for a majority of the infrastructural development. We take this opportunity to thank all those who have joined us in this noble endeavor of alleviating the sufferings of the people who need us most and in doing so create a model of success that will help countless others to dare to dream like us.

Prof. Dr. Rajendra Koju
Dean, Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences