The year 2016 was a year of transition for Dhulikhel Hospital-Kathmandu University Hospital (DH-KUH). I would like to thank the DH team, supporters, stakeholders and well-wishers for their strategic foresight, detailed planning and effective executions along with a spirit of team work which ensured that the changes went smoothly and the important targets were achieved. All further efforts that are necessary will be made to guarantee that harmonious transitions will continue to guide further developments at DH-KUH.

The mission of Dhulikhel Hospital remains unchanged: we will continue to provide high quality, affordable health service to the needy. We will continue to evolve and improve our current services, research, teaching and training. We will continue to build a strong community health service network with our outreach centres and surrounding communities. We will continue to respond to the needy in times of disasters. We will continue to pursue excellence in all our services and provide holistic solutions to local problems. Our goals will go hand-in-hand with our vision from innovation to validation to application. Our strategy, endorsed by the stakeholders, builds on previous strategic phase and allows us to meet new challenges in global health and clinical medicines. Consequently, we will turn our attention further to three new key areas of activity which includes research and tackling emerging diseases and provision of quality care; moving from personalized medicine to personalized health; and introduction of new academics including teaching and trainings.

We remain deeply rooted in partnerships with hospitals, health research and development centres around the world as well as with various governmental and non-governmental organisations contributing in the areas of health and development. These partnerships are of pivotal importance and will undoubtedly help us realise our common goal of making healthcare better and accessible for all.

None of the work conducted here would have been possible without the dedication of each and every member of DH-KUH staff- be they service, academics, administrative, research, technical or part of our large student and patient body as well as all our collaborators and donors. We are indebted to all of them and look forward to deepening and expanding our collaborations and partnership. Together, we will continue to make a difference in lives of people who need us the most.

Prof. Dr. Ramesh Makaju,
Administrative Director,
Dhulikhel Hospital-Kathmandu University Hospital