A pediatric service has been provided since the start of the hospital in 1996.Under the guidance of one Canadian  pediatrician with one medical officer from the mid 2002 .The pediatric Outpatient  and Inpatient ward was started as its own separate unit. The neonatal nursery was added in mid 2004.Since November  2006 the pediatric ward was expanded into a separate building with total 45 beds[30 general,10 NICU and 5 PICU. Since then pediatric department is running smoothly. It is providing services to children from birth up to 16 years of age.

Patient related services

1. Outpatient services

OPD rooms are equipped with a computer with internet access, weighing machine ,stadiometer, infantometer, diagnostic sets, toys etc. There are two general pediatric OPD. Since August 2011 we started pediatric neurology OPD equipped with encephalography EEG machine. Under the guidance of German pediatric Neurologist we started to do EEG and continue to do so by upgrading it to online digital EEG machine. Since last 5 months we are able to do and report 105 EEG. Infant stimulation programme(Newborn Neurophysiotherapy) is started with help from Department of Physiotherapy. All together within 5 months  120 neurological cases [new and follow up cases] has been seen and evaluated.

The number of patient has been increasing in pediatric department every year.

Under the General pediatric OPD beside pediatric neurology other sub speciality clinic like immunization clinic, Well baby clinic, asthma and respiratory disease, renal disease have already been started.

2. Inpatient services

A. General pediatric ward
There are 30 beds in general pediatric ward.The facilities include a television, VCD player, book, painting materials, toys. There is a small pediatric library in the department. Department was facilitated with radiology services.

B. Post Natal Ward
The pediatric team examines all the neonates delivered in the Dhulikhel Hospital every day in postnatal ward. A standard neonatal record form is completed for each neonate with all clinical [including perinatal] details. All are screened for all high risk deliveries. Any cases causing concern are transferred to NICU.

C. Neonatal intensive care unit [NICU]
Neonatal sepsis is the leading cause of admission in NICU followed by respiratory distress[HMD,MAS] and hyperbilirubinemia.It is equipped with 1 ventilator,2 monitor,2 syringe pump,1 pulse oxymeter and 1 glucometer.

3. Emergency services

DH provides 24 hour emergency pediatric service.

4. Academic activities

  • Theory and clinical attachment, evening classes for MBBS student
  • Regular teaching, learning within the department including case discussion and powerpoint presentation on different topics.
  • Teaching and learning activities for PG residence
  • Classes for skill birth attendance trainer
  • Training for different health professional from outreach and government health worker

5. Community services

Our pediatric department is not only limited within the boundaries of the hospital. it  has been providing its services to a large number of population in the community. Pediatric team regularly visits different outreach clinic and also provides training to the staff of different outreach center.

Future plans

  • To upgrade and strengthen current NICU and PICU.
  • To start 10 beded intermediate unit
  • To upgrade and strenghthen neopediatric clinic
  • To start play ground in front of pediatric ward
  • To conduct NALS and PALS training for outreach staff and healthworker  from Government  Health Post.