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Physiotherapy Department at Dhulikhel Hospital was established in 2003.The department provides both inpatient and outpatient services.
In 2009 the Physiotherapy Department was completely refurbish to a very high standard clinic providing inevitable services through inpatient, outpatient and outreach centers. The department is well equipped with qualified physiotherapists providing excellent services for treating patients with a wide range of problems. Physiotherapy department at Dhulikhel Hospital is an evidence based practice center. Clinicians at the department of physiotherapy are lifelong learners and are updated with recent updates in area of clinical practice by undergoing workshops, seminars, conferences. Continuing professional development programmers within the department allows the staff to update the knowledge and skills.
Four and half year Bachelor of Physiotherapy program commenced in June 2010, which is upgraded from a three year Certificate Level Course that started in 2002. It is the only Physiotherapy course in Nepal till date. The course is an evidence based course, with Evidence based practice as the integral component of the programmer. Students need to complete and submit an individual research project for the completion of the course before completion of 6 months of rotatory internship. The Physiotherapy clinical department now is the main clinical education site for the Physiotherapy students. Department of Physiotherapy has been developing in terms of human resources, clinical services and academics.

Clinical Services:

Physiotherapists at the hospital provide clinical services to the patients on the area of clinical expertise. Along with the outpatient services, physiotherapy department also provides services to the inpatients in following wards:

Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal
Physiotherapy in Cardiopulmonary
Physiotherapy in Community
Physiotherapy in Women’s Health
Physiotherapy in Neurology
Physiotherapy in Pediatrics

Collaboration with International Organization:
  • HIST, Norway (students exchange program)
  • University of British Columbia, Canada (students placement program)
  • United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UNMDG) ( students collaboration)
  • Mahidol University, Thailand (staff development program)