Central level hospitals are still inaccessible to the vast majority of people in Nepal for many reasons such as accessibility, affordability and availability. Therefore, the health service programmes of the Department of Community Programs attempts to address these problems. Twenty one different outreach centres located in rural areas of different parts of Nepal are currently providing round clock health care services to the people of the locality. These centres not only function as the centres for the basic health care services but also function as a platform to provide various preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to the community.




The Outreach Centers of  Department of Community Programs are:  

  1. Bahunipati Health Centre, Sindhupalanchowk
  2. Baluwa Health Centre, Kavrepalanchowk
  3. Bolde Phediche Health Centre, Kavrepalanchowk
  4. Godamchaur Health Centre, Lalitpur
  5. Chattredeurali Health Centre, Dhading
  6. Dapcha Health Centre, Kavrepalanchowk
  7. Kattike Deurali Health Centre, Kavrepalanchowk
  8. Salambhu Health Centre, Kavrepalanchowk
  9. Kharikhola Health Centre, Solukhumbhu
  10. Manekharka Health Centre, Sindhupalanchok
  11. Kirnetar Health Centre, Dolakha
  12. Dhunkharka Health Centre, Kavre
  13. Hindi Health Centre, Sindhupalanchowk
  14. Dorpu Health Centre, Solukhumbhu
  15. Yangrima School Health Clinic, Sindhupalanchowk
  16. Phalebas Health Centre, Parbat
  17. Thangsing Health Centre, Nuwakot
  18. Gauri Shankar Hospital, Dolakha