Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Obstetrics and Gynaecology



This department was established since the establishment of the hospital. This department provides highly specialized care in both obstetrics and gynecology services. It is fully facilitated with qualified specialized Doctors and is fully equipped with advanced equipments. The main goal of this department is to offer precise diagnosis and treatment plan to each and every woman, as every woman is special. In due course of time this department has evolved as a centre of excellence in minimal access surgeries. Apart from highly specialized patient care, this department is actively dedicated in academics and research activities. In association with the department of community medicine, specialized obstetrics and gynecology services are provided by this department to the rural community.

Patient Care:
Hospital based:-
1. Deliveries:-

  • Normal Delivery
  • Complicated Delivery
  • Operative delivery

2. High Risk Cases Management


  • ANC clinic
  • High Risk Antenatal Clinic
  • Family planning and contraceptive clinic
  • Immunization program

Community based:-

  • Community visits
  • SBA training

Major gynecological surgery

  • Laparoscopic Surgeries
  • Abdominal Surgeries
  • Vaginal Surgeries


  • General Gynecology OPD
  • Infertility OPD
  • Oncology OPD Including Colposcopy
  • Urogynecology OPD


  • Clinical Class
  • Presentations Twice Aweek (Topics, Seminar, Audit, Case)
  • Training Program
  • Skill Development


  • Routine class
  • Clinical class
  • Demonstrations
  • Clinical posting
  • Presentations

Departmental Achievements (2015)

  • Dr Abha Shrestha has been awarded International FIGO fellowship 2015. She will be in Kingston General Hospital, Ontario, Canada.
  • Two papers have been accepted for FIGO presentation , Vancouver, Canada
  • First Total laparoscopic hysterectomy was performed in Dhulikhel hospital 0n 11th June 2015
  • Baby massage training was inaugurated on 8th September 2015

Research Activities in the Department:-

  • Detection of Gestational diabetes amongst patient attending Obstetrics OPD.
  • To detect thyroid disorders amongst patients with recurrent abortions.
  • To compare the Pap smear reports and colposcopic findings in patients with unhealthy cervix in rural setting
  • Comparision between the hysteroscopic findings with radiological findings in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding.

Future plans:-

  • To Develop Infertility Centre
  • To Develop Oncology Centre
  • To Establish Laparoscopy Training Centre
  • To Make Centre For High Risk Case Management Centre


Successfully Completion of Workshop on Critical Appraisal For Consultant and Post Graduate Student

Workshop on Minimal Access Surgery and Hands on Training in Gynaecology